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Chuck Van Zyl - Recitals, Vol. 2 (2018)
31.03.2018, 21:55
Исполнитель: Chuck Van Zyl
Альбом: Recitals 2 (2xCD)
Год выпуска: 2018
Жанр: Electronic, Ambient, Berlin School, Soundscapes
Количество треков: 6
Формат/Качество: MP3, 320 Kbps
Размер: 287 Mb

Chuck van Zyl has been a man finding his moment, in any live space that will hold him. The double CD Recitals 2 presents music recorded at two late 2017 performances. His shows for The 6th Floor and DIGITAL DREAMS were documented with an ordinary two-track recording device. After months of review, two 60+ minute sonic journeys were produced, and released as Recitals 2.

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1. On This Eve of Parting, Pt. 1 - 36:40
2. On This Eve of Parting, Pt. 2 - 6:36
3. On This Eve of Parting, Pt. 3 - 18:50
4. From the Shade of the Recent Dead She Comes, Pt. 1 - 35:03
5. From the Shade of the Recent Dead She Comes, Pt. 2 - 11:42
6. From the Shade of the Recent Dead She Comes, Pt. 3 - 16:35

Total time - 02:05:26

Доступно только для пользователей
Категория: Berlin School | Добавил: salawat | Теги: Chuck van Zyl, ambient, Electronic, Soundscapes, Berlin School
Просмотр: 738 | Загрузок: 29 | Комментарии: 1 | Рейтинг: 3.8/4
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Всего комментариев: 1
1 MEGALITIC   [Материал]
two other splendid suites between cosmic and retro electronics, which are very reminiscent of the "1975-76" period of "klaus schulze", especially the second epic and to be repeated endless times! thank you very much "eugene" a greeting and the next.
The possibilities of Electronic Music make it the perfect tool for exploring spontaneous composition. Recitals 2 is an example of two such events – both without a pre-determined outcome – where the gathered and the musician experienced the music together. A receptive audience brings out van Zyl’s strengths, while the hushed space receives his work. The heat of this struggle melds into the music and spirit, softening and melting, then hardening and tempering the player. Each of this album’s two concerts moves powerfully and naturally, unsettling the world into which they intercede. A musician of the imagination van Zyl’s seeks the pure delight of providing an epic intimacy in the digital age. Determined to conjure kinetic joy an animating force tickles your mind and tugs on your heart – as agile sequencer antics thrill and the vulnerability of improvisation connects. In ever strengthening whirlpools of thought, rows of echoing tone patterns are deployed. Amidst the lines of echoing, dancing arpeggio notes a racing heart turns, runs and trills in melodic invention. Heroic keyboard leads and Mellotron harmonies peak over a pumping, commanding bassline – only later to be drawn down into shifting shadows of sustaining synthesized textures and a quiet sense of mystery. While cliff-high chords stall the dramatic momentum, an infinity of volumes provides a feeling of elation and abandon – only to descend to a skeletal negative space and a bewitching haze of free form randomness.

Recitals 2 takes each member of its audience on their own personal journey. With its deep space gateways and brilliant, skull crushing sequencer breakdowns, from the heights of its combustible, cut loose, superb heedlessness, on down to its quietly ominous consuming dark fields, this music invites wonder. Beginning with simple electronic devices and ending with the multi-dimensional world known only to the imaginative, Chuck van Zyl harnesses the machinery of night. Unblinking, completely in control, he performs in a cool constraint. It is remarkable that, after so many years, the creative flame still burns bright. His concerts are a probe of the calm facade, of the internal mystery – and reach towards the unseen depths within us all. Recitals 2 tells a powerful story of an exhilarated mind – a mind roaming well beyond the concert stage.

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