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Dub Atomica - Autonomic (1999)
15.03.2012, 00:15
Исполнитель: Dub Atomica
Альбом: Autonomic
Лейбл: DiN
Каталоговый номер: DiN 4
Год выпуска: 1999
Стиль: IDM, Minimal, Ambient
Кол-во композиций: 5
Длительность: 55:20
Формат/Качество: MP3 CBR 320 / FLAC-LOG-CUE
Размер: 140 MB / 303 MB

Nigel Mullaney is better known as one half of Best Before. This collaboration with Ian Boddy is the most commercial sounding album on the DiN label so far and should have wide appeal to both fans of EM and audiences outside the scene. It is a limited edition of 1000 copies.

A deep slow ominous rhythm beats out on ‘Atomicity’ we then move into a relaxed groove with gentle pads in the background. Another melodic drum line is added. Everything dies away to a cosmic swirl but then the rhythms return with added vigour. It is just impossible to keep the body still whilst listening to this. When the main melody hits home it is tremendously infectious, optimistic but with a dark tinge. The rhythms continue to mutate and move on but at all times are very accessible.

‘Soylent Green’ begins with waves of atmospheric sound, like being asleep at the side of the ocean where your subconscious mind alters the natural sounds into the strange world of dreams. A very restrained sequence starts to develop slowly, oh so slowly, becoming more rhythmic and hypnotic as we progress. A third of the way into the track another strong groove becomes the main focus. The track is always fascinating and full of one rhythmic twist after another but it is also very laid back. Eventually the rhythm disappears altogether leaving us with a tapestry of cosmic effects. ‘Rhodeo’ has the strongest groove so far, the sort of music that would be in the background of some seriously hip restaurant. All is very laid back and relaxing, ideal for just chilling out to with your favourite tipple and the lights turned down low at the end of a hectic day.

Even with two kids screaming in the background I’m not losing my cool. There are some great sounds with loads of space given to them to heighten the effect. When lead lines are used they are always very easy on the ear, fitting in perfectly with mood. A strident rhythm rumbles through a collage of sparse but exquisite and carefully chosen sounds on ‘Autonomic’. This is another one of those tracks where the body refuses to remain still, had me bopping around spilling my beer whilst writing this review anyway. Careful listening reaps rewards, so much is happening and yet the soundstage is again very sparse. Just let your mind sink down and be absorbed by the music and come out the other side cleansed and refreshed.

‘Ionosphere’ starts with swirling synth effects. The rhythm is devastating and yet subtle at the same time, I particularly liked it when it distorted and descended into the bass beat which is so deep to be on the edge of hearing. It keeps re-emerging out of the psychedelic haze to again lift your body and get it moving. So to sum up expect loads of rhythmic trickery and fantastic production but at the lame time the atmosphere is one of supreme relaxation. Therapy for a stressed humanity. This is one hell of a cool album.


01.Atomicity (9:48)
02.Soylent Green (15:01)
03.Rhodeo (7:42)
04.Autonomic (11:33)
05.Ionosphere (11:16)

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Категория: Ambient / Downtempo | Добавил: MicroQ | Теги: minimal, Best Before, IDM, Dub Atomica, ambient, Autonomic
Просмотр: 1113 | Загрузок: 0 | Комментарии: 3 | Рейтинг: 3.7/3
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2 Tallula   [Материал]
интересная работа, состоящая не из гармонии звучания, но с интересным ритмом и набором звуков!!!!! послушать можно!

1 2olega   [Материал]
этот альбом можно взять в 320 ЗДЕСЬ

3 MicroQ   [Материал]
Надо заканчивать с релизами после полуночи wacko Одно оправдение - теперь ещё и лосслесс есть.

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