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Headshock - Music From Peak Experience (2000)
10.10.2012, 02:13
Исполнитель: Headshock
Альбом: Music From Peak Experience
Год выпуска: 2000
Жанр: Electronic, Ambient, Soundscapes
Количество треков: 14
Формат/Качество: MP3, 320 Kbps
Размер: 133 Mb

Bandcamp | WebSite

''Headshock are Paul Nagle and Tim Rafferty. Paul is someone that it is very hard to pigeonhole as he is constantly striving for new sounds and forms of expression, mixing influences from the past and the present with each new project. I don't know much about Tim but the two of them certainly seem to bounce ideas off each other very well. My only experience of their music before was from the Hampshire Jam set and their tracks on the CD produced from the event. This didn't prepare me for what we have here however. The earlier tracks were full of energy and fun but this material is much, much deeper stuff. There are still some upbeat moments but overall the music seems to be the aural soundtrack to some inner quest. There might seem to be a large number of tracks here but they are all linked together and really act as different sections of the whole.
We get a very atmospheric start to 'The River', animal noises and warm shimmering drones going together to conjure up images of a sweltering rainforest. 'Crimson' is another laid back number. A lead line meanders lazily amongst rather cosmic effects as if floating in deep space. 'The Manor House' has more of an ominous edge to it, deep string and other orchestral sounds giving it a rather classical feel. 'Vortex' takes us to a dream / nightmare state where distorted vocal samples echo into the distance amongst electronic colouring. A gentle rhythm starts up on 'Illuminati' which develops into a head-nodding groove. The pulsations are underpinned by some gorgeous mellotron sounds- wonderful stuff! 'Kaleidoscope' calms things down to soft shimmers taking us to 'Night Train', which, appropriately, fairly chugs into being as rapid swirling loops nestle amongst darker drones. It's as the balance between these loops and drones vary that the emphasis between urgency and apprehension constantly shifts. The sense of unease heightens as we move through 'Alltain Dubh'. The mood lightens again however for 'Ghost Koi'. Delicate plucked strings create a lovely little Eastern influenced melody, relaxing the body and calming the soul.
So from the Orient we head to Russia with 'Vostok'. It's all rather uneasy again, as if waking in a bad mood to see rays of sunshine through a gap in the curtains, lightening the atmos only to have clouds gather again extinguishing the light allowing the melancholia to return, darker than before. 'End of Days' does little to lighten the mood. But 'TRF1210X', certainly does. My feet started moving straight away as the beats emerged from the speakers and by the end my hands were also in motion tapping out the rhythm on the desktop. 'Namarie' combines more great tron sounds with lovely piano, then acoustic guitar creating a lovely state of chilled out bliss. We close with 'In Pursuit of Space'. It sort of sums up the predominant feel of the album, moodiness and inner searching with a hint of melancholy. '' - (DL)

Turn up the stereo, light a candle, pour a drink, lie back, enjoy the trip.


1. The River - 03:29
2. Crimson - 04:33
3. The Manor House - 03:47
4. Vortex - 05:32
5. The Illuminati - 02:50
6. Kaleidoscope - 02:50
7. Night Train - 03:28
8. Alltain Dubh - 02:47
9. Ghost Koi - 04:17
10. Vostok - 06:24
11. End of Days - 02:54
12. TFR1210X - 04:35
13. Namarie - 03:52
14. In Pursuit of Space - 03:44

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Категория: Ambient / Downtempo | Добавил: salawat | Теги: Headshock, ambient, Soundscapes, Electronic
Просмотр: 2061 | Загрузок: 24 | Рейтинг: 0.0/0
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