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Lyle Newton - Logical Insanity (2000)
23.09.2014, 19:56
Исполнитель: Lyle Newton
Альбом: Logical Insanity
Год выпуска: 2000
Жанр: Ambient, Space Music
Количество треков: 1
Формат/Качество: MP3, 224 Kbps
Размер: 98,6 Mb

One epic track, over an hour long, taking you to the most distant places which sonics can reach.

If you are into highly atmospheric, ambient space music this CD is for you. Think of some of the darker Steve Roach or Robert Rich tracks but given something of a "lonelier" feel. Its music that is best listened to on your own with the lights out in a state of complete relaxation. Just let Lyle's music take you on fantastic journeys only possible in the mind. Right from the beginning we get metallic drones that begin and are left to fade into nothingness like gentle gusts of an ethereal wind. The sound then mutates into one with a sort of vocal quality, peaceful but not angelic. Loads of space is left to heighten the effect of floating in the vast immensity of the universe. In fact I have never heard music which conjures up the enormity of the cosmos better. Three minutes in lusher pads and 'twittering' effects are added. We then enter deep space with carefully picked quiet floating pads punctuated by the occasional percussive or cosmic effect. Its as if we were in some secret scientific laboratory deep under the earth with just the faintest hum of city traffic being heard from way above.
The track progresses, each sound being given plenty of room to mutate without being cluttered by other distractions. By the end of the first fifteen minutes delicate shimmers are the main point of focus. We are now on some subterranean trail, droplets of water falling from above causing ripples in the underground lake below. A great gust of wind blows us deeper into the cavern. The noises now become deeper and more ominous but constantly changing. We are moving from cavern to cavern but always on the edge of some precipice from which we could plunge into the void. Imperceptibly the pads again take on a faintly vocal quality as if we are being called into the depths. At thirty seven minutes we return to the electronic bleeps of a laboratory. These disappear and its now more like listening to a futuristic generator maybe powering some alien spacecraft which then seems to gently take off as we continue our journey into deep space. At forty five minutes we get deep echoing notes as if we are being hit by waves of energy. We return to more tranquil realms for the final section but if anything the feeling of loneliness is more intense here than anywhere else on the disc. As you can read from my text this is very "visual" music. It conjures up certain pictures in my mind but I am sure the particular visions will vary from listener to listener. (DL) - http://www.synthmusicdirect.com/


1. Logical Insanity - 61:30

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Категория: Ambient / Downtempo | Добавил: salawat | Теги: ambient, Space Music, Dark, Lyle Newton
Просмотр: 693 | Загрузок: 7 | Рейтинг: 0.0/0
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