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...in front, sometimes in the background, a musical voltage will be enriched by cinematic sounds and melodies. A CD to listen properly, preferably with headphones, ...say, You can find the spirit of Genius within this music. Enjoy.

...Cecil (who had serious engineering background) and, since Robert Margouleff sold him the ownership, private owner of it and its performance....which was influenced, then involved with TONTO on later works ("Music of My Mind"," Talking Book","...

...synths, twinkle sounds, and spacey background ‘ahhhs’. Grab this album and let yourself uniquely float into the orbital bliss of disco, funk, and soul....To Sea 05:23 09. Arp 04:00 10. Modern Music 04:52 11.

...которая занималась записью рекламных мелодий, background музыки и песен. Это был риск, но он верил, что все получиться. Да так оно в сущности и вышло....Composer Authors and Publishers), членом ассоциации музыки сountry (The Country Music Association), национальной ассоциации искусства записи ...

...Grooves From UK's Leading Music Libraries 1970 1980 (2009) 1. T. Elerth – Beatin It 2:31 2. John Hawksworth – Flash Barrier 1:39 3....Keith Mansfield – Staying Power 2:41 12. Sammy Burdson – News Background A 2:29 13.

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