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High influence from ambient, retro and berlin school music, even from dance. Tracks are made in 2005 2007." CDBaby Soundcloud Bandcamp Tracklist: 1....and electro with bit of retro style.

Исполнитель: VA Альбом: Manikin Records Second Decade 2002 2012 Год выпуска: 2012 Жанр: Electronic, Ambient, Berlin School, Compilation Количество треков: 10+9 Формат/Качество: MP3, VBR Kbps Размер: 198 Mb For the first decade of their existence, the German label Manikin Records pursued the Berlin School of Electronics (aka "retro") sound. They even released a few albums by the maestro Klaus Schulze. With their second decade, Manikin explored more adventurous ...territ...

Retro Rider Rock the Sea (The Spacetraveler Cut) 6:00 06. DJ Maretimo The Phunky Monkey (The Bass Slider Cut) (feat.... Retro Rider Fantaisie Sur La Cote (The Vintage Cut) 6:52 12. DJ Maretimo El Momento De Despertar (Del Mar Mix) ...

...brings a mix between typical retro EM and experimental sounds. The seven compositions vary a lot from each other. "Awakening (Part 1)" opens rather experimental after ...t make the most accessible retro but it is certainly exciting, especially the last track. 2004. Paul Rijkens / SonicImmersion.org Groove.nl Discogs Tracklist: 1.

Retro Waves 3:12 4. Fireball I Want You 3:15 5. Equinoxe 12 3:37 6. Fluid Retro Dreams 2:56 7.

...background to round out the retro feel. That retro feel is pervasive throughout the first half of the album. “Stitches” features the closest thing to vocals ...

...excesses that can render some retro music as kitsch. "The Voyage Home” is a fitting finale, nearly 15 minutes of analog heaven....is an essential recording for retro fans. Electroambientspace TRACKLIST: 1. Into The Infinite 9:12 2. Voyager 12:05 3. Starlight 4:58 4.

80's, Retro, Electro, Vintage, Horror, Sountrack Bandcamp Carpenter Brut EP I (2012) Tracklist: 1. Escape From Midwitch Valley 06:43 2.

Ken Martin Quadrivium (2018) Retro Berlin School with solid Moog sounds. Bandcamp Tracklist: 1. Quadrivium [17:02] 2. Bineric [21:52] 2.

Ken Martin Starturn (1994) Retro Berlin School in Schulze style. Bandcamp Tracklist: 1. Starturn 16:43 2. Breath 1994 17:40 3.

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