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Electronic Toys: A Retrospective of 70's Synthesizer Music
salawatДата: Вторник, 09.10.2012, 21:57 | Сообщение # 1
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VA - Electronic Toys: A Retrospective of 70's Synthesizer Music (1996)

Electronic Toys is a superb, must-own two volume compilation set of retro electronic and synthesizer music and sound effects - many on Volume 1 of which have been used in various old British tv shows (kids shows and programmes for schools & and colleges especially), films, advertisements, radio, etc.
Personal favourites are the legendary Fred Weinberg with the superb "A Child's Life" (an all-time fave of mine), Bruce Haack's robotastic "Party Machine" and Fred Weinberg again with "1958 Revisited" plus the always great Brian Bennett with "Ergon" - a track that I just know I've heard somewhere before (but where?!). Dave Richmond's "Movin' Along" is a nice tune which sounds like it could have been a theme to a schools & colleges programme or used on the schools & colleges clock. Eric Peters' "Keystone Capers 2" is very interesting: I remember very well that it was used as the theme tune to a mid-80s BBC kids stop motion animated show about a couple of robots which was on right before the BBC's daytime phone-in show Open Air. Anyone out there remember what it was called? Also, the music was used in the bizarre and now infamous Superman IV deleted scene (and previously rumoured to have been destroyed until it turned up on the dvd special edition a couple of years back) in which Nuclear Man Mk.1 is born as played by British actor Clive Mantle. The beginning of Mort Garson's "The Ride Of Aida" reminds me a touch of The Prodigy's "Firestarter". Benny Hill fans will probably enjoy Gil Trythall's "Yakety Moog".
Both Electronic Toys compilations are an absolute must-own for collectors of library, tv music, synth, moog, obscure and early electronica music. Besides the music, the other great thing about these compilations is the packaging containing a sweet selection of photos of gorgeous model Danny Sutton by the legendary Bunny Yeager - as you can see from the images I've scanned and scattered amongst this post.


01. Cecil Canterburn - Catching Game
02. Rex Brown Company & Wersi Electric String Orchestra & Berry Lipman - Round Up
03. Dave Vorhaus - The Diy Machine
04. Dave Richmond - Movin' Along
05. Ron Geesin - Ambling Antics
06. Claude Larson & Manuel Landy - Highway E1
07. Gerhard Trede - Technischer Bewegungsablauf
08. Eric Peters - Heystone Capers 2
09. Ted Atking / Alan Feanch - Childrens Carnival
10. Dave Vorhaus - Mainframe Blues
11. Gerhard Trede - Gefahrenzone 1
12. Roland Kovac - Bits
13. Dave Vorhaus - Three O
14. Eric Peters - Mechanical Movement
15. Heinz Funk - Menuett
16. Brian Bennett - Ergon
17. Steve Gray - The Sausage Machine
18. Mladen Franko - Zoolife
19. Ron Geesin - Jolly Pranks

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VA - Electronic Toys Vol. 2 (1999)

Pop music and electronic sound have had a marriage made in heaven ever since they exchanged matrimonial vows some 30 years ago. Sure, the work of composer Edgard Varese and Stockhausen was bold and innovative, but it took the pop geniuses of Perry and Kingsley and Kraftwerk to bring it into the public conciousness. If you ever wanted to know where artists like the aforementioned or the current crop of indie pop faves like Air and Beck got their inspiration, look no further than this CD. Although curiously lacking dates in the liner notes, this sublime compilation showcases the more obscure pop experiments of the last 25 years or so, with an emphasis on the late sixties to the early seventies (personal judgements based purely from listening). The songs range from the dementedley kitschy and ridiculous, to 60's Bond-esque swank spy tunes with electronic flairs, to full blown vocoder-roller-rink-electro-funk-on-acid by Canadian unknown Bruce Haack. Oh, did I mention some of these songs are a bit on the strange side? In all of this Comp's utter bizareness, every song is completley accessible and fun, and lacks any of the heavy handed pomposity of the "avant-guard". This CD without doubt should be played at an upper class pool party with all the butlers and servants dressed like Woodie Allen from "Sleeper". In other words, this is nothing like you have ever heard before. A true gem. - by Roscoe C. Pernwickle


1. Harry Breuer - Saturn Ski Jump
2. Gil Trythall - Yakety Moog
3. Mort Garson - Son Of Blob
4. Jim Cuomo - Earthshine
5. Harry Breuer - Moog Foo Yong
6. Fred Weinberg - A Childs Life
7. Bruce Haack - Party Machine
8. Harry Breuer - Paris 2079
9. The Mindexpanders - Love Syndrome
10. Kid Baltan & Tom Dissevelt - Sonik Re-Entry
11. Mort Garson - The Ride Of Aida
12. Walter Sear - Circuit Breaker
13. Gil Trythall - Martha White Theme
14. Harry Breuer - Space Express
15. Kid Baltan & Tom Dissevelt - Song Of The Second Moon
16. Fred Weinberg - 1958 Revisited

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