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Cantoma - Out of Town (2010)
stardancerДата: Вторник, 18.11.2014, 09:31 | Сообщение # 1
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Cantoma - Out of Town (2010)

01 Maja
02 Gambarra
03 North Shore
04 Only People
05 Under The Stars
06 Viusu
07 Paloma
08 Suomi
09 Dix Verte
10 Out of Town
11 Trees Of Highwood



Музыка - это жизнь

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п»їHave you ever abandoned a task or dream because of the overwhelming feeling of stress, self-doubt, or awareness that an alternative course might be easier, but less rewarding? Self-discipline mitigates those feelings, weaknesses, and temptations. In fact, self-discipline is perhaps one of the most important character traits for all people to display, both professionally and personally.
Unfortunately, increases in alcohol and drug abuse, acting upon temptations for personal gratification, and the willingness to violate one’s personal core values for self-serving financial gains are all results of a loss of individual self-discipline in our society. The ever-increasing advancements in media and internet technology only fuel the exposure to the lure of being distracted from one’s primary focus, a proper life path, and a difficult task at hand. It’s so easy to fall prey to what is easier and less stressful. A lack of self-discipline tends to always align with taking the “easy way out” or caving to temptations of personal gratification.
For example, as a student, would it be easier to continue to work on a research paper, or to goof off on a site like Facebook? As an employee, is it easier to sit down at night and watch the “boob tube” (literally), or to work on developing one’s mind or skills through constructive reading and intellectual engagement with others? On a personal level, is it easier to eat cake, or to say “no” and eat healthy to maintain proper weight? Is it easier to sit on the couch and vegetate, or to exercise to improve one’s health and fitness? Is it easier to be ill learned, or to develop professionalism and pursue further education? Is it easier to be ill mannered, use to profanity? A lack of self-discipline is a, if not the, primary factor for the hindrance of personal growth and professional development.
Five steps to strengthen ones self-discipline are:
1. Reinforce an understanding of the core values that you believe in and reflect who you are. Define those values and incorporate them in the process of accomplishing the task at hand.
2. Take “baby steps” when beginning the pursuit of a new endeavor. It is imperative to not look at the entire vision at hand, but approach the task day-by-day. The old adage of “do not bite off more than you can chew” is essential.
3. Establish a moral compass that is in alignment with the core values you espouse to. A clear sense of your morality will subdue the temptations of the deadly sins we are exposed to every day. Personally, I define morality as how I treat another human being, and I believe we should treat one another with dignity and respect. Take the time to assess how you would want to be treated if you were walking in another person's shoes.
4. Manage your time and effort by planning properly and executing the task efficiently. Prioritize the elements of the task at hand to best reach that goal in the most efficient manner possible.
5. Finally, visualize the light at the end of the tunnel, and anticipate the satisfaction of the successful completion of that goal.
Remember, Concerted Effort + Determination = Self-Discipline. There is nothing more satisfying and self-respect developing than the knowledge that your efforts and determination were the primary factors in the achievement of your success. Successful leaders are always self-disciplined in the pursuit of their passions, dreams, and goals. Be that leader and set a positive, self-disciplined example every day for those around you.

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п»їWe all experience stress, at one time, or another. Stress will affect you as long as you allow it. It causes irritability and anger. Many studies show the harmful effects of stress, but you can find some relief.
Technique #1: The first step of our stress relief techniques is meditation. Even ten minutes of meditation can offer relief. Meditate on the positive things in your life. This is such a simple, yet effective, stress relief technique. Inhale deeply, close your eyes, and think of serene, and peaceful things. You will feel a sense of calm, as the stress leaves your body.
Technique #2: Healthy food consumption plays a big role in relieving stress. High caloric, and sugary, foods will increase your stress level, as well as creating fatigue. Eating fruits and vegetables will make a significant difference. Couple these with good carbohydrates, lean meats, and fish. You will be amazed at your energy level when eating healthily.
Technique #3: Stress can also be relieved through daily exercise. When you feel the onset of stress, a brisk walk is just what the doctor ordered. The more exercise, the less stress you will feel. May I enlighten you about the release of endorphins through exercise? Endorphins create that feel-good feeling. A triple benefit; good feelings, weight loss, and looking great!
Technique #4: Learning to manage your anger can drastically reduce your stress level. Pinned up anger is a cesspool for stress. Managing anger is a wonder stress relief technique. Breathe deeply when you start to feel stressed. Remain rational, never allowing the anger to take hold. There are plenty of free, and stress-targeted, anger management classes out there.
Technique #5: The fifth stress relief technique is taking time for yourself. Shop, go to a spa, or simply relax. Anything; as long as you enjoy doing it. Nothing complicated; reading a book, or watching a favorite movie. Having some 'me' time is a perfect stress relief technique. In this rat race called life, alone time can give you a new perspective on things.
Technique #6: Stress can't coexist with positive thoughts. It's understandable that you're under a lot of stress, and that positive thinking isn't the easiest thing to do. Play a tape of positive affirmations while driving in your car. Having a positive and optimistic view on life will make it harder for you to feel the effects of stress.
Technique #7: Forgive yourself for past mistakes, and mishaps; this will alleviate tons of stress. To reiterate, this will reduce your stress level drastically. Letting go of past mistakes is a very fitting stress relief technique.
These techniques will provide you with healthy tools to combat stress. Notwithstanding how stress can be a daily challenge, these steps will prepare you to deal with it. The less stress you encounter, the happier you'll be.

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п»їIt seems many people in the western world are tired & stressed out.
Are You Burnt Out?
I’m going to ask you a few questions and I want you to answer honestly:
Do you struggle to get up in the mornings? Still feeling tired even though you have been sleeping all night?
Do you often feel rundown and fatigued during the day? So tired you could sleep?
Do you crave and use salty and sweet foods as well as caffeine to get you through the day?
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions it is likely that you may be suffering from Adrenal Fatigue or “Burnout”.
Its a very common problem which often goes unnoticed. It affects significantly more women than men.
The number of people suffering has rocketed since the recession – money worries and job worries causing major stress.
What is adrenal fatigue?
Adrenal Fatigue is a term used to describe when the adrenal glands are exhausted.
Adrenal fatigue is very commonly associated with stress levels.
The adrenal glands release CORTISOL in response to all stress, cortisol is your natural anti inflammatory and reduces stress and inflammation levels when needed.
Your adrenal glands are located just over the kidneys and are the size of walnuts.
They have a very important function within the body, they secrete over 50 different hormones which your body needs to survive.
As well as cortisol some of the other hormones that the adrenal glands secrete include testosterone, estrogen, epinephrine, and progesterone.
An expert in the field of adrenal fatigue Dr. Wilson notes that the glands work with other hormones and symptoms in what he calls a ‘symphony’. When one part of the symphony suffers and drops out (like menopause for women and andropause for men) the adrenal glands have to produce larger amounts of sex hormones, the key to longevity is to ensure that your adrenal glands are healthy.
Historically we would have had far less stress that we do in the modern day and it would of been dealt with by releasing bursts of cortisol, these days it more like a constant requirement for cortisol.
The world we live in makes this tough and adrenal glands often fail as a result of a build up of stress over a period of time rather than a one off event.
It has been referred to as a nervous breakdown or burnout but it is often actually the failing of your adrenal glands – adrenal fatigue.
There are no clearly visible effects of adrenal fatigue which is why it commonly goes unnoticed or attributed to ageing or other things.
People can live with this all their life and think it is just normal.
This fatigue cannot simply be relieved by a good night’s sleep. An estimated 80% of people at some point experience some form of adrenal fatigue and the physical symptoms associated with stress.
It is unlikely that a doctor will immediately diagnose you with adrenal fatigue, in my research I read about a female sufferer of adrenal fatigue who saw 27 different doctors before having her problem identified as adrenal fatigue! This is an extreme case.
Did you know ? One cup of coffee stimulates the adrenal glands for up to 18hrs! This over stimulation can add to the problem.
Symptoms and negatives effects of adrenal fatigue
Adrenal fatigue can really wreck the life you live, in extreme cases it can be so bad that you are only able to stay awake and move around for a couple of hours a day. Changes are made in your carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism, fluid and electrolyte balance is affected as well as your heart, cardiovascular system and sex drive as a result of adrenal fatigue.
The main symptoms of adrenal fatigue are:
You feel unusually tired a lot of the time
You feel rundown and have no energy
You struggle to wake in the mornings despite what time you went to bed the night before
You struggle for energy in the afternoon
It is only really about 10am when you wake up properly despite being up for several hours
‘Wake up’ again after around 6pm
Illness and stress hits you hard and you struggle to get rid of it
You have cravings for sweets, salty snacks and caffeine
Increased PMS or menopausal symptoms
Slight depression
You feel weak a lot of the time, tired and weak at the top of stairs
Low sex drive
Increased allergies
Dizziness and feeling light headed after standing up
If you find that you suffer from many of these symptoms there is a chance that it is down to adrenal fatigue.
Test yourself at home (you may need a hand with this)
In Dr. Wilson’s book, Adrenal Fatigue , he lists 3 tests you can do at home to help determine if you have Adrenal Fatigue. This might be helpful for those who can’t get a Cortisol test from their GP or it may help you get the test from the GP if you tell him you did this test.
Test #1: Iris Contraction Test
Equipment required: chair, small flashlight, mirror, a watch (with a second hand), and a dark room.
In a darkened room, sit in a chair in front of a mirror. Holding the flashlight at the side of your head, shine it across one eye (not into the eye). Watch what happens in the mirror.
You should see your pupil contract immediately after the light hits the eye. The pupil will normally stay contracted, but if you have adrenal fatigue, the pupil won’t be able to hold its contraction and will dilate. This dilation will take place within 2 minutes and last for about 30-45 seconds before it contracts again. Time how long the dilation lasts and record it along with the date. Retest monthly as it serves as an indicator of recovery.
Test #2: Blood Pressure Test
If your blood pressure drops when you stand up from a lying position, this almost always indicates low adrenals. This can be measured with a blood pressure gauge (a sphygmomanometer), which you can buy at a drug store. Make sure to purchase the type that doesn’t require a stethoscope to take your blood pressure.
Make sure to do this test when you are well hydrated or it could give you a false positive. Lie down quietly for about 10 minutes, then take your blood pressure (while still lying down). Then stand up and measure your blood pressure immediately upon standing. Normally blood pressure will rise 10-20mmHg from standing up. If your blood pressure drops, you likely have adrenal fatigue. The more severe the drop, the more severe the adrenal fatigue.
Test #3: Sergent’s White Line
This is only present in about 40% of people with Adrenal Fatigue, but if the test is positive, it’s a “slam dunk” confirmation.
With a ballpoint pen, take the cap end of the pen and lightly stroke the skin on your abdomen, making a mark about 6″ long. Within a few seconds, a line should appear. In a normal reaction, the mark is initially white, but reddens within a few seconds. If you have Adrenal Fatigue, the line will stay white for about 2 minutes and will also widen.
The daily mail said – “The problem is that this condition is difficult to diagnose. Adrenal function is measured on a sliding scale, a bit like thyroid function. It’s only if a test shows you to have levels in the highest or lowest 2 per cent that you’ll be deemed ‘abnormal’ “.
So if your cortisol levels are in the lowest 5 per cent and you are suffering significant symptoms, it still wouldn’t be deemed a medical issue.
I'm not a doctor so please check the results of these tests and discuss everything with your own GP and he may give you a saliva test to establish your levels (to see if you are in the top or bottom 2%).
What causes adrenal fatigue?
Many experts say adrenal fatigue is a side effect of modern living.
The main cause of adrenal fatigue is due to the large amounts of stress people place on their body every single day. Other reasons for adrenal fatigue can be down to an emotional crisis such as a break up or loss of a loved one, chronic infections such as influenza and pneumonia, and major surgery is another thing which can cause it.
The science behind the production of adrenal fatigue is the glands respond to every different kind of stress you receive using hormones which regulate many important functions in the body (immune function, heart rate, muscle tone, energy production) which allow us to cope with the stress.
When this happens for prolonged periods of time the adrenal glands wear out and cannot supply the body with what it needs.
No matter what causes the stress, your adrenals need to respond to this in order to keep you balanced and destressed. If your adrenal glands aren’t able to respond to the stress effectively then we have adrenal fatigue. The glands do still continue to function but not to their full capacity.
Adrenal fatigue used to be rare but due to the fast paced world we now live in, it is becoming very common. Relaxation can be very hard to come by and when you take into account things such as smoking, caffeine, lack of money, sleep deprivation, job and family pressures, processed food, lack of exercise it is no surprise that our bodies can’t cope!
People wake up feeling tired and have a cup of coffee or three or a fizzy drink to give them ‘energy’, this may work temporarily and get you through the morning but you will crash eventually.
What are the solutions?
If you suffer from adrenal fatigue there is good news, it is possible to feel your best again.
The biggest cause of adrenal fatigue are lifestyle factors which can easily be changed with commitment, motivation and openness to change. I know if I suffered from several of the symptoms I mentioned above I would be willing to try anything to get rid of them!
You must allow a good degree of time though to get back to your best, like 1-2 years, it will take time so don’t give up.
To help you out I have come up with a list of my top 10 methods to help you beat adrenal fatigue:
Remove as much stress from your life as possible and learn how to say NO to negative things.
Participate in regular exercise, lightly to start, walking outdoors is great. NO INTENSE TRAINING AS IT WILL MAKE YOU WORSE.
Make sure you go to bed at the same time every night, try not to go later than 10pm and get at least 8-10 hours sleep a night
Eat regular well balanced meals every day, avoid skipping meals and eating crap because you are rushing
Eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day, vary them to make things more interesting
Enjoy your life, do something fun every week where you can smile and laugh
Allow time for relaxation, have a massage, go to a yoga class or just have a bit of quiet time each evening
Avoid processed foods
Eat mineral sea salt with your meals
Ensure you are getting enough vitamin C, calcium, omega 3 fatty acids and magnesium each day
I guarantee if you start to make these changes you will start to feel better in no time.
Try to make one or two changes a week rather than attempting to do 10 all at once!
We only get one shot at this life and no one wants to spend half of it walking around like a zombie. So let’s live well and fight adrenal fatigue!
Thanks for reading and as always I would love to hear your questions or comments below.

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п»їAre you looking to shred your upper body? Do you want to develop chiseled iron like musculature in the chest, shoulders, arms, back and abs? If you’re like most people out there, you do. I’m not talking about ridiculous “can’t scratch your own back” obesity style mass. I’m talking about athletic Adonis style mass. By now, if you have read many of my other articles, you are well aware of the importance of working your LEGS to help make this happen. Hormonal increases due to leg work INDIRECTLY improve your upper body. That being said, I want to take a moment now to focus on five exercises that DIRECTLY affect the previously mentioned muscle groups. I’m speaking of the following tried and tested Upper Body Bodyweight exercises:

* Pull-ups
* Chin-ups
* Push-ups
* Dips
* Leg RaisesBefore we get too far into how each of these exercises is going to carve up your physique like never before, it is important to mention a couple key concepts. These variations will change the way you look at bodyweight training and the results you get from it forever more.
Variation #1:
Each of these can be done with ADDED WEIGHT! Whether you’re holding a dumbbell between your feet, use resistance tubing, have a plate resting on your back or are using a weight belt and chain, one thing remains the same: increased resistance (weight) means increased results when form and intensity are maintained. The addition of resistance is a superb way to take a typical body weight exercise to a new level and blast your lean muscle growth to levels off the charts.
Variation #2:
ROM (Range of Motion) increase. You may be asking how do I increase ROM? Accomplishing this depends on the exercise. Let’s take Push-ups for example. During a standard push-up you lower your chest to the floor and press until arms are extended, period. This is an excellent movement, but what if you could drop your chest lower than hand level and further stretch the Pecs during the movement? Well, I’ll tell you what that means. Increased ROM when performed correctly means greater muscular activation which leads to greater results.
So what do you need to make these variations happen? A collection of Pull-up, Abdominal, Dip, Push-up equipment is necessary. Better yet is a combo that has all of these capabilities in one saving space and money. There are a number of options out there; so choose the best one. A good equipment can handle placement and adjustability make the ROM and can handle greater body weight. That means you can work through insanely effective ranges of motion with added weight.
Okay, okay! Let’s get into what each exercise will do for you.
The Pull-up: There isn’t much better for the Lats than the old fashioned Pull-up. Perhaps the only thing better are weighted Pull-ups. The overhand wide grip fully activates the Lats and develops the Cobra like back; the V-Taper that is. What’s more is that the biceps get some good work too. If you work focus on your Range of Motion you’ll notice a crazy pump in the rear-delts after your sets as well. On the Basic Trainer you can work through an awesome ROM. The movable bar at top allows you to pull-up directly on the centerline if you like without hitting your head. You can also do a standard pull-up in the normal arcing patter. Either way, the Lats are greatly stimulated. Beyond that you can strap on additional weight if you find regular Pull-ups get to be too easy for you. Let me put it this way, if you are doing Pull-ups for reps with a total of more than 400 pounds YOU ARE RIDICULOUS! Once you see the awesome results in your Lats you are surely going to want to do the same for your Biceps and Mid Back with...
The Chin-up: You ask, “What does this do differently than the Pull-up?” The underhand grip recruits greater activation in the biceps and mid back. The result of this is bigger arms and a thicker back. Does that sound good? Well if you are looking to develop the physique mentioned at the beginning of the article it should! What else would you need to enhance towards that end? A Chest to match your new back which leads us to...
The Push-up: One of the simplest and yet most effective upper body exercises in existence. This is the Great Grand Daddy of Chest Development. More reps more reps more reps… That’s what most people think of to get more results. I want to remind you to try adding some resistance. You can have a partner place a weight on your back or stretch a resistance band over your back and hold the ends in your hands. Either way added weight changes the workload. You can also increase the ROM as mentioned before.
Dips: This is the perfect exercise to work on the lower portion of the chest. It also works the triceps. As you may know, the triceps make up the larger portion of the upper arm. What does this mean? Well that means if you focus on the triceps you will experience a significant increase in arm size in relatively short period of time. To expedite the results you can add some weight to the movement. Holding a dumbbell between the feet or using a weight belt and chain for adding a plate will suffice. However you do it, you will feel the massive increase in work in the way of a blasted Pecs and Triceps. Also let’s not forget the effect Dips have on the shoulders. The good ol’ dip also helps shape the shoulder thus adding to the V-Taper! Now if you have all of the afore mentioned results there is probably only one more thing you are looking for in your upper body... RIPPED ABS! That leads us to...
Leg Raises: Training the Abs brings up tons of debate material. The main thing to remember is that the rectus abdominis muscles (The Six Pack) is responsible for pulling the ribcage towards the pelvis and vice versa. So if you are looking to develop your Six Pack can perform either movement for the results you desire. Leg Raises are a great option. Personally I like to start with hanging from the Pull-up bar when I’m fresh. Then as I get more fatigued I move to the Back/Arm Rest Version. You can work Bent Leg or Straight Leg. Holding a weight between the feet is another variation to take it to another level. What’s most important here is to focus on the pelvic tilt. The pelvis needs to crunch towards the ribcage. If you are doing this correctly you will thoroughly activate the rectus abdominis and be well on your way to developing your ripped six pack.
There you have it…A list of the best Basic Bodyweight exercises to become an Upper Body Adonis. But what good is a list? It means nothing if you don’t use it and push to your absolute limits! How are you going to push to your limit? Are you going to work extra hard on your ROM or are you going to strap on additional weight for added resistance? Are you going to increase your intensity my decreasing your rest time between sets? All of these are great options! Use these programs to help you in reaching your ripped physique goals.
Sample Workout
Push-Ups: 5×10-30
Pull-Ups: 5×5-20
Hanging Leg Raise: 5×5-15
Chin-Ups: 5×5-20
Dips: 5×10-20
Knee Raises: 5×10-20
These exercises are done with a 20-60 second rest between each set. This is a straight forward way to do the traditional exercises. As mentioned previously in the article, feel free to add some weight to take it to a new level. With or without added weight, if you focus on solid form with good ROM and great intensity you will get results. Solid lean mass gain will result with this type of training and proper nutrition. If you are looking to increase your endurance and want a metabolic boost try the following Dual Circuit Style Routine.
Dual Circuit Style
Circuit #1: (4 Rounds)
Pull-Ups: 4×5-20
Push-Ups: 4×10-30
Hanging Leg Raise: 4×5-15
Circuit #2: (4 Rounds)
Chin-Ups: 4×5-20
Dips: 4×10-20
Knee Raises: 4×10-20
In the dual circuit you will move through each circuit with zero rest between exercises and only 60 seconds of rest between each round.

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п»їKnowing how to use flirty body language is an extremely important part of attracting women. Eye contact is where the seduction begins -- it's the best way to "open the door" and get the interaction started. Making eye contact with her, and smiling, is one of the surest ways to demonstrate confidence and establish a connection.
"The eyes are the window to the soul," as they say, and this form of contact can be as powerful as touch. Then, once the conversation is flowing, you've got to begin escalating in a physical sense.
Using How To Use Body Language To Pick Up Girls
This means that while you're talking to her, you are going to use flirty body language. Not in an aggressive way. In a very subtle, "invisible" way that she doesn't consciously notice.
But on a deeper subconscious level, she will start to feel physically comfortable with you and your touch.
Picture the following scenario, which most guys have experienced:
You go out on a date with a girl, and the two of you are having a good time. Everything seems to be going OK. But while you're on the date, you're wondering how this evening is going to end.
When you walk her to her car... or when you drop her off at her house...are you going to try to kiss her?
This is why in most cases, the date simply concludes with a friendly handshake, or hug, or a quick kiss on the cheek -- and nothing more.
Or about this scenario? You take a girl to the movies, and when you sit down, you want to put your arm around her... or snuggle up close to her...but you don't want her to feel weird or uncomfortable. So for the next two hours, you don't touch her... and the whole time, you are wishing that you could be.
The way to solve these challenges is to lay a foundation of body contact.
If you use body language flirting the proper way, it's a slow, natural progression -- and remember, YOU are the one who has to lead the way.
She'll feel "ready" to hold hands with her...give you the first kiss...and ultimately sleep with you...if you slowly ESCALATE and build body contact in a subtle way. Basically, you want her to feel comfortable with your touch. In a sense, you're using body language flirting to "warm her up"...
So how do you accomplish this? Here are a few ways:
Body Language Flirting Ideas
Flirting With Body Language Tip #1: When you're talking to her, when she says something funny, or something that you really agree with, give her a "high-five." Don't slap her hand (like you would do with your buddies). Put your hand up, she puts her hand up, and then you gently clasp her hand -- intertwine your fingers with hers -- and hold it for a couple of seconds before letting go.
On a conscious level, she doesn't even really notice that you just made physical contact with her. But you did.
Likewise, when you want to emphasize something you are telling her, you can reach over and place your hand on her forearm, or on her hand, for a few seconds. This is just going to be a light touch. Then, slowly move your hand away.
Body Language To Attract Women Tip #2: If you're sitting down with her on a couch, instead of touching her hand,you can touch her knee for a moment. Maintain eye contact with her. She won't consciously think about you lightly touching her knee, because she is busy listening to what you are saying...but it will register with her.
Using Body Language With Girls Tip #3: Or, when you are holding the door open for her -- guiding her into the passenger seat in your car, or through the door to the restaurant or bar -- simply place your hand on the small of her back (gently) and subtly guide her through the door.
Her brain will pick up this signal: that you're a strong, masculine presence who is there to provide safety and security. In other words, she senses that she is with a MAN. You're not a nervous, harmless "nice guy" who avoids physical contact.
As the conversation keeps flowing, you can increase the frequency and length of your "touches". Your flirting body language can become more frequent and intimate.
If you start lightly touching her forearm, and you very gently stroke the back of her hand while you're talking to her, it won't feel like a "leap" to her if you put your arm around her waist a little later on... A little later, you might reach and gently brush the hair out of her eyes...and this won't feel unnatural to her. She will welcome your touch.
And it won't feel unnatural for you to lean in very close and whisper in her ear when you have something "private" to tell her. This can really give a girl goose bumps... in a good way;)
This is all laying the groundwork for you to give her that first kiss. After I've done all the steps above, I like to give her a soft kiss on the cheek after I've just said something in her ear.
After I do this, I withdraw my touch and return to whatever we were talking about. The "kiss" is no big deal. It feels like part of a natural, comfortable progression.
Essentially, this is how you use body language flirting to attract women. The goal is to make her feel comfortable with you in every sense, and MISSING your touch when you aren't giving it to her. But this will only happen if you lay the correct foundation.
Of course, this is just one of the components of a smooth seduction. The other big tactic you'll need to use is Strategic Conversation. This means knowing exactly what to say, which questions to ask, and how to guide the conversation down the right path...

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