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Jean-Luc Hervé Berthelot
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Jean-Luc Hervé Berthelot - The French composer behind these Music Projects :

- Elemental Noise (Experimental Electronic, Electroacoustic)
- Flying Species (Electro, Ambient)
- Jihel (Berlin School, Electronica)
- Tales (Ambient & Ethno-Ambient, Electronica)
- Zreen Toyz (Avant-Garde, Electroacoustic, Concrete)


Elemental Noise

- 1999 : Abstract Knowledge (CD 1999 SIT Records/France; Edition numérique 2010 Gronde Murmure/USA)
- 2000 : The Curved Light (CD 2000 SIT Records/France; Edition numérique 2010 Gronde Murmure/USA)
- 2001 : Infra-red Collision (CD 2001 SIT Records/France; Edition numérique 2010 Gronde Murmure/USA)
- 2002 : The Book of the Dead (CD 2002 SIT Records/France; Edition numérique 2010 Gronde Murmure/USA).

Flying Species

- 2006 : Connected Universes (CD 2006 SIT Records/France; Edition numérique 2011 aReW Recordings/Grande Bretagne).


- 1979 : The Forgotten Sanctuary (enregistré entre 1975 et 1978; LP vinyle Alien Circles 1979; CD 2004)
- 1982 : Pieces Of Memories (enregistré entre 1977 et 1980; LP vinyle Alien Circles 1982; CD 2004)
- 1984 : Distri-Rock (avec Jean-Louis Descloux)
- 1985 : Caves Full Of Clouds (enregistré entre 1982 et 1984; LP vinyle MindMusic 1985; CD 2004)
- 2003 : Le Poubelloïde (bande originale du film de Laurent Gonel).


The Asian Trilogy :
- 1996 : Pictures of Asia
- 1999 : Marco Polo, a life for a dream
- 2006 : Sagarmatha.
The Myrddin Trilogy
- 1997 : Stonehenge for Eternity
- 2000 : Echoes from the Last Fairyland
- 2007 : The Breath of Myrddin.
The Interstellar Trilogy :
- 1998 : Interstellar Memories
- 2001 : The Seskian Wars
- 2008 : Deep Space Topography.

Zreen Toyz

- 1974 : Hypnosis Rustle (LP 1974; CD 2007; AMP.Rec/Mexique)
- 1984 : Polyglot Ripples (LP 1984; CD 2007; Gronde Murmure/USA)
- 1994 : Ephemeral Moon (aReW Recordings/Grande Bretagne)
- 2004 : Aesthetically Nebulous (Clinical Archives/Russie)
- 2008 : Abyssal Zones (Withering Trees/Allemagne)
- 2009 : The Timeless Topographer (DNA Production/Russie)
- 2009 : Pocket Recycling (Gronde Murmure/USA)
- 2010 : Mineral Abstraction (Gronde Murmure/USA)
- 2011 : Zreen Toyz & Wehwalt (Otorragie/France)
- 2011 : Zreen Toyz & Frédéric Gerchambeau : Méta-voyage de l'ouïe (Sillage Intemporel/USA)
- 2011 : Zreen Toyz & M.Nomized : Ice (Fraction Studio/France)
- 2011 : Zreen Toyz & Le Rouge : Oizik (Sillage Intemporel/USA)
- 2011 : Zreen Toyz & Saccomani : Thermal Balance Of Igloo In Melting Stage (Sillage Intemporel/USA)
- 2011 : Zreen Toyz, Usher, Wehwalt : Le Chrysaor Paraphile (Inner Cinema/Allemagne)
- 2011 : Underground Klang (Gronde Murmure/USA)
- 2011 : Live Across The Ether 2011 (Gronde Murmure/USA)
- 2012 : Mental Fragments - Works For Compilations 2011 (Gronde Murmure/USA).

Wikipedia | WebSite | Bandcamp | CDBaby
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TALES - Interstellar Memories (1998)

Interstellar Trilogy, Volume I.

From France, Tales is the work of keyboardist/percussionist Jean-Luc Berthelot. The music is an ambient electronic effort that at times reminded me of Kitaro's mid-80's albums and at others fell fully into early Tangerine Dream territory. Dreamily spacey with lots of sounds and effects, the music absorbed me into it's aural universe as Berthelot weaves his floating electronic textures. I enjoyed the music, but it falls too close to New Age fluff to stay interesting for long. One element that I do consider a strength is that Berthelot doesn't slap on layer after layer of keyboard orchestration. Much of this is quite subtle. At times there will be only percussion and synths accompanied by a flute-sounding melody line. Lightly pulsating keys provide the backdrop for soundscapes that at other times are less for melody than to create atmosphere, or even an entire environment. Listening to this in the dark conjured up images of a nighttime sky filled with millions of twinkling and shooting stars.
I was previously unfamiliar with Berthelot's work, but the liner notes indicate this is the third release from Tales. The notes also feature an unnamed "someone" telling of the spaceship Paradonka and its journey to hundreds of planets until finally settling on Ankalerye. A web page address is given at the end where I found quite a bit of fantasy poetry. Space music of this sort is a challenge as its easy to fall into the mundane. Good for a listen or two.

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1. Deep Space Traveller - 05:47
2. Surfing The Void - 04:59
3. Dust Of Light - 05:00
4. Over Proxima Centauri - 06:02
5. Path To Epsilon Eridani - 06:01
6. Curves Of Time - 04:58
7. Galactic Worlds - 05:53
8. Behind The Black Hole - 05:08
9. Flying Through Light Years - 05:39
10. Interstellar Memories - 07:55

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TALES - The Seskian Wars (2001)

Interstellar Trilogy, Volume II.

With The Seskian Wars, Jean-Luc H. Berthelot, also known as Tales, continues his exploration of traditional styles of electronic music. As the name he records under implies, these are sonic stories. Berthelot uses the music to weave a soundtrack to a non-existent movie, to tell a story through sound. In this case, it's a tale of great interstellar conflict, and the music is appropriately deep and spacey, evoking the feeling of distant galaxies and outer space vistas.
When I say traditional styles of electronic music, I'm speaking of the classic 70's sound, rather than a more modern electronica style, and indeed, Berthelot's music has obvious roots in the liquid spaciness of early Jean-Michel Jarre and the hypnotic sequencing of mid-70's Tangerine Dream. Both these influences can especially be heard on the opening track, Sagitarius' Gate.
Berthelot is never quite as upbeat or dynamic as his influences. He prefers to create a more subtle sound, which perhaps lends itself better to his goal of telling a story, because it tends to let the mind fill in the spaces, creating pictures for the listener to see while listening. While listening to the haunting interlude Wreckage in Space, for example, I could just see the vast hulk of an ancient, dark, and silent starship, it's edges bristling with shadowy towers, floating against a starry backdrop. That's the kind of thing this music does for you.
This is the kind of music best listened to with the lights turned down, and minimal distractions. If you relegate it to the background, you will miss what it has to offer. Although it may first seem like it, this is not ambient music. It's music that draws you in and transports you to another place and time.

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1. The Ultimate Portal - 07:20
2. Among Cosmic Remains - 03:32
3. The Space Buccaneers - 06:41
4. Interstellar Armada - 05:16
5. The Seskian Insurgents - 12:21
6. Attacks Of The Marauders - 08:21
7. Eternity Of Death - 10:18
8. Memories Of Lysendraa - 04:20

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TALES - Deep Space Topography (2008)

Interstellar Trilogy, Volume III.

We waited an epic fresco for the third album of the Interstellar Trilogy and, too, the final album of the TALES' Project,...
But, complete surprise!, JLHB offers us a return to the sources, a return to the improvised electronic music at the end of the sixties and the early seventies (q.v. the pre-sequenced era of Tangerine Dream).
This era is mainly improvised abstract music with spacious sound effects, a time where freedom in performance, inventiveness and inspiration of the moment is more important than the structural shape of the music.
This improvised album fuses without constraint today technology and vintage machines for a genuine sonic delight.



1. Spontaneous Generation Of Informal Causality - 19:48
2. Beyond Timeless Curvatures Of Deep Spaces - 18:18
3. Endless Chaos Of Impalpable Matter - 16:32
4. Solid Topography Of Stars - 12:00

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P.S. Все альбомы выложены в свободном доступе в любом качестве здесь - Bandcamp
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TALES - Stonehenge For Eternity (1997)

Review | Listen

The Myrddin Trilogy, Volume I.

1. Mystic Geometry Of The Circles - 11:51
2. Aubrey Holes Mysteries - 05:06
3. Bluestones Mysteries - 03:09
4. The Altar Stone - 06:36
5. The Fall Of The Slaughter Stone - 07:06
6. Station Stones Under Moon I - 04:33
7. Station Stones Under Moon II - 04:43
8. The Giant Trilithons - 10:52
9. Eternity Of The Ring - 06:41

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TALES - Echoes From The Last Fairyland (2000)

The Myrddin Trilogy, Volume II.

This exchange is from the liner notes of the fifth release from Jean-Luc Hervé Berthelot's (aka Tales), Echoes From The Last Fairyland, which is the second volume of the Merlin trilogy. Berthelot's music consists of carefully constructed electronic space journeys. The kind of music that tells tales and conjures up imagery... just perfect for a story about fairies, elves, unicorns, and gentle wizards. Throughout the album one hears some classical influences and symphonic keyboard progressive, but it predominantly consists of ambient space music that focuses on theme development that massages the listener's mind and communicates the story through music and sound. More than the previous two Tales albums I've heard, the music kept me continually focused on the song titles and imagining the events that might be taking place. One of my favorite tracks is "The Wizard Of All Times", on which a dark cosmic atmosphere unfolds while an efx'd conversation transpires amongst various other sounds and extraterrestrial space whispers and Tangerine Dream styled sequenced patterns.
In summary, this is by far my favorite of the three Tales CD's I've heard to date. At times I was reminded of Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, and even a spacey version of Yes.

Review | Listen


1. The Spirit Of Myrddin - 05:39
2. The Call Of The Elves - 10:07
3. The Great Enchanter - 09:50
4. Filled With Magic Dust - 08:41
5. Method For Invisibility - 08:26
6. Eternal Consciousness - 07:23
7. Surrounded By The Spirit Of Myrddin - 05:42

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TALES - The Breath Of Myrddin (2007)

The Myrddin Trilogy, Volume III.

Here is the last album of the Myrddin Trilogy, a strange world full of hallucinant and mysterious ambiences.
Coming from the two precedent albums, some sounds are dissolved here in a floating and undulating music, purposely a linear music in shape, but with hypnotic touches, punctuated with natural ambiences, diaphanous and almost impalpable melodies.
In some passages, serenity alternate with strangeness, and sounds remain timeless, somewhere between Electro-ambient, the Berlin School and Electro-acoustic Music, but mainly magical and captivating.



1. Consciousness Of Time - 16:00
2. Sortilege Of The Stones - 11:00
3. The Secret Door Of Eternity - 11:44
4. Endless Spaces - 16:30
5. The Impalpable Worlds - 06:55

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TALES - Sagarmatha (2006)


FLYING SPECIES - The Second Flight (2015)


P.S. Скачать с Аrchive.org альбомы не удается. Может у кого-нибудь получится....
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Все альбомы по прежнему в свободном доступе, только по другим адресам -




Форум » МУЗЫКАЛЬНЫЙ ФОРУМ » Ambient, Electronic » Jean-Luc Hervé Berthelot (Experimental,Electronic,Ambient, Berlin School, Avant-Garde)
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