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Tim Blake
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UK born and France based composer and keyboardist Tim BLAKE started his career way back in 1970 as a sound and light artist. And while some will associate him most for his numerous stints in renowned bands Gong and Hawkwind, it is as a solo artist he made a name for himself.
His first solo album "Crystal machine" was issued in 1977, and Crystal Machine is also the name most often associated with Blake by keyboard and light effects aficiniados. Together with lights expert Patrice Warrener they have performed under this moniker numerous times, enchanting and enthralling audiences for decades. On occasion, French keyboardist Jean-Philippe Rykiel has participated on these concerts as well, in particular in his formative years, and he also contributed to Blake's second solo effort "Blake's New Jerusalem" in 1978.
The 1980's was a barren period as far as solo recordings from Tim Blake is concerned, but in 1991 he returned with his third full album effort "Magick". Another 9 years would go by before the fourth solo effort "The Tide of the Century" saw the light of day, issued in 2000. The final regular solo album by Tim Blake came in 2002, in the shape of "Caldea Music II".
Since then Blake has opted to stay away from the old-fashioned scheme of releasing music on physical formats, and has chosen to go all digital instead. He currently purvey his various solo efforts digitally exclusively from his own website.
Blake's career was put on halt in 2004, when he suffered serious injuries in a car accident, but in 2007 he had recovered and decided to hook up with long time associates Hawkwind. He's an active member in this band to this day, and is currently busy with the rest of the band celebrating their 40 year anniversary as recording artists.

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1977 : Crystal Machine
1978 : Blake's New Jerusalem
1979 : "Waterfalls in Space" ( digitally re-released in 2007)
1991 : Magick
2000 : The Tide of the Century
2002 : Caldea Music II
2006 : Live Waterfalls in Space
2012 : "Noggi 'Tar"

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Tim Blake - Crystal Machine (1977)

Recorded after the end of his stint in Gong and before he joined Hawkwind, Tim Blake's debut solo album Crystal machine is a part-studio part-live affair, documenting music composed to accompany a pioneering laser light show. Musically speaking, it's mostly in line with the work being produced at around the same time by Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze, with enough callbacks to Tim's earlier work in Gong to distinguish it from those pioneers of Krautrock- derived electronic music. It doesn't present anything to revolutionise the genre, but it more than holds its own against the likes of, say, Tangerine Dream's Ricochet or Schulze's Moondawn.



1. Midnight (7:40)
2. Metro Logic (8:07)
3. Last Ride Of The Boogie Child (9:43)
4. Synthese Intemporal (19:30)
5. Crystal Presence (3:11)

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Tim Blake - Blake's New Jerusalem (1978)



1. Song For A New Age (5:12)
2. Lighthouse (6:45)
3. Generator (3:34)
4. Passage Sur La Cité De La Révélation (7:43)
5. Blake's New Jerusalem (16:11)

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Tim Blake - Magick (1992)

Recorded between the invention of midi sequencing and direct-to-disk recording, Magick was recorded"Live" to digital stereo in one night, at the Windmill of Coet- Bihan.
The recording was an exercise in minimalism, using just one 8 voice poly-timbral synth, a remote keyboard, a microphone, and a midi sequencer.



1. A Magick Circle - 07:03
2. Tonight - 06:37
3. The Strange Secret Of Ohm-Gliding - 12:16
4. A Return to Clouds - 06:01
5. Waiting for Nati - 08:34
6. A Dream - 03:07
7. More Magick - 07:38
8. With You - 04:49

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Tim Blake - The Tide of the Century (2000)

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1. Nature 'L' (3:28)
2. The Tide Of The Century (8:09)
3. St. Dolay (5:17)
4. Crystal Island (8:23)
5. Byzantium Dancing (9:14)
6. Sarajevo (Remember) (5:16)
7. Tribulations (3:57)

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Tim Blake & Jean-Philippe Rykiel - Waterfalls In Space (1979/2006)

Featuring a 16 year old Jean-Philippe Rykiel...The pirate cassette from the '70's as a two mp3s. Digitally remastered by Moonweed - 2007.



1. Lighthouse And New Jerusalem - 8:55
2. The Moon Is Full Tonight - 19:40
3. Indian Splitter - Tracks - 15:05
4. Improvisation - 9:45
5. Lighthouse - 3:53

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Tim Blake - Caldea Music II (2002)

...Tim is NOT a rock and roller tho his aesthetics in the keyboard department might at times hint this he is a maestro at manipulating tonal sound structures into a very eastern hypnotic potpourri of delicious electronic listening.
Caldea Music 2 is further into the hypnotic realms of electronic music and it satisfies those willing enough to step away from the progressive rock stage and into the world of laid back drifting nirvana of synthetic overtures.
Tim accomplishes a perfect music for cloud watching, sunset gazing and yes relaxation. It is the intent of the music to induce this mindset just as progressive rock demands listeners listen to an pay heed to the skills of the band members in the recording.
This music draws on eastern subtleties, minimalism ala Terry Reilly and mid 1970s period germanic teutonic sequencer based electronica and for the most without pomposity...

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1. Caldea (4:27)
2. Floating (9:22)
3. Om Beach (1:25)
4. The Great Pool (19:44)
5. Across The Sea Of Dreams (4:52)
6. Jacuzzi Surfing (9:07)
7. Caldea II (4:34)

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Blake Tim - Crystal Machine 77г https://yadi.sk/d/TaF-UAV3E8upb
Blake Tim - Blake's New Jerusalem 78г https://yadi.sk/d/taS62EB1E8ygw
Blake Tim - Magick 92г https://yadi.sk/d/RXYFo6xcE9sx4
Blake Tim - The Tide of the Century 2000г https://yadi.sk/d/bpVKP1acE9ugN
Blake Tim - Caldea Music II 2002 https://yadi.sk/d/7y9Kyh2GE9w3o
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