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MEGALITICДата: Четверг, 07.04.2011, 23:44 | Сообщение # 1
Музыкальный гуру
Группа: Меломаны
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Cyborg (Germany)

Improvisationen (1978)
Hits, Bits & Ooops (1978 - 1979)
Three Friends (1978 - 1986)
Young Blood... ...Old Farts (1979 - 1984) (with Helmut Jungblut)
The Return of the Marshmallow Man (1997)

Lutz Bojasch (Germany)

Reflex (1978 - 1982)
Orbiter (1984 - 1993)
Handmade (1997)
Voices (2001)


Classic synthesizer excursions. Cyborg was formed in Berlin, 1976, and their influences include Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream and Robert Schroeder. The line-up for Improvisationen was Norbert Brauer, Lutz Bojasch, Klaus Eitzen, Henry Trapp and Klaus Schoenberg.

10 Albums, MP3 [128] - ZIP-File for easy download. - http://www.cyborgs.de/synthesizer/music_start/music_frameset.html

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MEGALITICДата: Воскресенье, 08.03.2015, 01:47 | Сообщение # 3
Музыкальный гуру
Группа: Меломаны
Сообщений: 500
the story of the "Planet Spandau"
In the early 70 Goats years increasingly unusual new sounds from the radio consoles and stereo systems penetrated German living room, perhaps surprised some - others grumbled about the only "annoying squealing". But there were quite a number of "Crazy" like me who "were fascinated could elicit musical instrument. I was playing in a band as a drummer," immediately from these new sounds you so far with no ordinary West Coast Rock " and blues were my "thing." We had to be a great exercise room in Berlin-Kreuzberg, in the Wrangel Barracks exactly. There certainly exercised a dozen different groups with a total of various styles and of course increased from time to time, groovy fetuses we, however, a instruments -. Prohibition thus not imposed it again "only" all-night SESSIONS gave and also our friends and girlfriends outside the music scene could have fun But one day it happened, the fate ended the career of an aspiring drummer with, in the loveliest Berlin dialect spoken words:
"Hey, you - Haste The jehört already up there in the top floor, which have so'n Süntisiza or det thing heeßt haste Bock Then wa jeh'n ma' high and kiek'n us det part of?!?"
THAT was the "fateful" sentence. So I stared up and the part as if it were from another planet. .... Ok, so I've seen something before, but in front of it at Pink Floyd or so? !! The organist of the Force (keyboard player called the then not), elicited by prolonged Fummel land "magic box" a flute-like sound Boaahh! For me immediately was clear: such a part, I would also have to have, so I asked, "Hey, hast'n wat abjedrückt for det thing" - "Well, ick's from Switzerland, since identify 'ick who has the jeholt from the States, 8000 Mark ha'ick abjedrückt But there is a genuine MINI MOOG and elsewhere jibts the Janich yet."
Whoa, that was a hard blow 8000.- stones? Impossible !! I paid still getting the rates for my Rogers Drums from, to then rent the flat in Kreuzberg, eggs coal to heat, the friend with whom I lived together and was still in training - and, and, and. (Sigh)
But further in the text: There was some years later, I was the proud owner of the basic unit of Roland Studio 100 system has become, as I read in the newspaper an advertisement: "..Synthesizer enthusiast looking for like-minded people ..". Five Berliner "Synthy - enthusiasts" so met a few days later in a bar together and talked in cool beer in the "chestnut" hot heads. Conclusion: We will meet with me, everyone brings his instruments with - then you will see. Hehe, you should be able to see a film: My room, shag carpet on the floor (copied Klaus Schulze hat's of us), Space mural on the wall (where else?), An enormous wooden frame that my Basic hid Unit 101 ( but should be removed), a rather ramshackle Neckermann - "State - of - the - art" amplifier. Oh, and the 4 channel mixer module (103) also from the studio system 100. Our "Recording - Equipment": consisted of a tape recorder, later a Revox A700 to Klaus and sometimes brought his 4-channel machine.

Roland System 100 Norbert Lutz OBI-delusion Klaus Our Logo
And then the people came Norbert Brauer, a student of electrical engineering with a real mini - Moog (now for about 3500-DM in the trade), the taxi - Klaus, Klaus Eitzen, with a giant box of Modularem system from PPG, another Klaus, Klaus Schönberg with a Solina - String and last but not least, "We Henry" Henry Trapp with a Micro Moog and a Hohner string. Finally, after everyone had a socket and absolutely untrustworthy but helpful RELEASE MEASURES all 6 devices were connected to the 4 available channels, it could go really .. And it did then: Some tracks on this first day are now cooperating with others on a double CD immortalized. From these beginnings, a 3-man crystallized over time out Instrumentation: So there were the taxi - Klaus with a penchant for esoteric and "problematic" (read: PPG devices of all kinds), Norbert and his motto: must "rummsen it .. "which describes his preference to American Mördersynthis (Mini-Moog, Oberheim 4 voice polyphonic), and me with now 2 complete studio system 100 - sets, sequencers and various changing other devices that I, thanks to my job could afford to Peter Jahnel Music Store or borrow times.
Our project we called CYBORG-SYNTHESIS because we found that we would create a link between machines and people with our music. (Based on cybernetic organism)

One day we were taken by a guest on the idea of offering our now acquired knowledge about synthesizers, sound synthesis and the whole shebang times as a course: And that's what we did:
From 1979 to 1984, we held in our basement studio in "Planet Spandau" 15 hour Synthesizer courses in theory and practice, with course accompanying materials, live demonstrations, slides, Apple II, stupid sayings, Free Lollies (!) And everything else is a multimedia program entails. After a few months, the store was great and we deserved some to be so expand our equipment can.
It was not long before we got the great honor to work at the Sender Freies Berlin (SFB) in a program about electronic music. Wolfgang Layer the "OUTLET" subtitle had: "Computer Music Computer Music" conceived and course material needed én masse. We have always remained independent of corporate influence, so we had to resist some temptation to recommend equipment of one or another company in exchange for a "reward" in our courses or the program special. But precisely because of the incorruptibility our reviews were in the socket often more than that of some music magazines. Of course, the thing has made ​​us a great fun and test units were indeed a time in our basement! (Smile) But once a test for a device had failed so good - and rightly so, that the sales company of ELCA (!) - Synthex passed a recording of a demo tape to SOCKET buyers.
Later I wrote then tests and posts for some magazines and the magazine of the IME (Information circular electronic music, also AME). After the era of analog synthesizers was abruptly terminated by the proliferation of programmable polyphonic devices, we have concluded their courses and other activities, met only sometimes to make music.
Much time has passed since then and for some years now these pages are here for those who love analog Klangverbiegerei the Internet. Privately, has of course changed much over the years. I live since 1985 no longer in Berlin but in a small Bavarian village, the taxi Klaus (Klaus Eitzen) still came several times to visit, then stopped suddenly completely lost. I have it no longer reaches (who knows him, let me further details by email to tell). Norbert has become the northern lights, lives near Bremen and works as a trainer astronauts currently in Cologne. Well, and just now I found out that he has given up making music. Since then I only I remained of the cyborg projects! I'm not so often to make music here eating my job, the computer hobby and the garden a lot of time and even if it really looks like me here in the country, I just do not have like-minded people with whom you could try something ,
In one sense, but I'm stubborn, I have room in my studio Cyborg enough and I'm still trying to get back to a larger modular system. Seriously produce music I do not want, I want only me ransetzen whenever I like and want to have fun, to create sounds, arrange to ... just take off.
Oh, and I'm Lutz, the last "CYBORGIANER" so to speak.

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for downloads of the various albums http://www.cyborgs.de/synthesizer/music_start/music_frameset.html

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except the last two records there are good ideas for electronic interspersed with live recordings and also tracks with experimental style, however remain good in the general and in particular "in the style of analog" thanks "eugene" to have found their website and next.

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