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Rob Papen
slonДата: Понедельник, 29.08.2011, 18:44 | Сообщение # 1
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Розыскивается Rob Papen - ''Day Dreamer'' 2004 - ex участник Nova , Peru. wacko

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2olegaДата: Вторник, 30.08.2011, 22:54 | Сообщение # 2
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Когда не знаете за что взяться, беритесь за ум!
salawatДата: Воскресенье, 24.06.2012, 23:00 | Сообщение # 3
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Rob Papen - DayDreamer (2004)

Ex-Peru synthesist. Daydreamer is an album of melodic / rhythmic Electronic Music. "Marantha Song" starts with deep sounds / pads, before a melodic synthesizer theme is introduced. It's a nice, pleasant melodic track. There are some sounds typical of 80's Electronic Music (looks like he used some software emulations for that). These include FM bell tones and other typical digital sounds of that period. The sequences are present, but they are delivered in a subtle manner, serving as rhythm supporters, not as prominent / stand alone feature. "Evening Song" once again starts in a subtle way with long drawn-out pads, but soon a bass sequence emerges with some mysterious synth tones and a laid-back rhythm. Some tasty, gentle sequencing is the order of the day. This track is pure melancholy - very moody stuff. The flutey synth lead I found too cheesy but otherwise it's a fine track to listen to. The title track kicks in with chromatic percussion-like synth sounds and supporting bass note. A melodic theme is played on top. After that comes a Minimoog solo that sent shivers down my spine. It's all too brief though. However, the Moog does return after a few moments. In the end this track is (as is Daydreamer as a whole) all about melodies, mood and soloing. Some tasty sounds towards the end. "Sion" starts with melodic sequences and a very Jarre-like theme. It's driving, rhythmic and melodic stuff that puts to shame most recent endeavors of bands like Tangerine Dream. "Effata" continues the "chromatic percussion" formula, coupled with some of the cheesiest synth flute sounds I've heard. Not enjoyable at all! This must be the worst track on the album - totally sugary, New-Agey concoction. There's simply nothing stands out - simple melodies, simple sounds, simple arrangements and, on top of it all, that dreary New Age attitude. Sorry, Rob, I think I'll skip this one next time. "Isaiah" is the shortest track on the album (one and a half minutes). It consists of melancholic synth pads. Simple, but good and effective. "Time, Times And Half A Time" kicks in with a throbbing bass sequence and another, white-noise based one on a supporting role. Some echoing effects can be heard. The track builds gradually but after a while a mournful lead line emerges. The sequences are then joined by yet another one and some growling bass notes. Excellent Moog solo cuts through giving the track a "classic EM" flair. Total winner and certainly the best cut. A straight 4/4 rhythm emerges out of nowhere and now we're pretty much in Laserdance territory - very danceable stuff. In fact, if I was told this is a lost Laserdance track from the 90's, I would've believed it. Everyone who loves the synthdance stuff, should find much to enjoy in this composition.

All of the songs were inspired by specific passages in the Bible.

1. Maranatha Song
2. Evening Song (Improvisation On Psalm IV)
3. Daydreamer
4. Sion
5. Effata (Be Opened)
6. Isaiah
7. Time, Times & Half A Time
8. At Ease
9. Red Clouds

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