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Game & Film Soundtracks
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20SIX Hundred - The Next Level (2014)

20SIX Hundred's second album takes us to new heights - beyond our galaxy - into deep space. Lush synthetic brass, crisp ambiance and a hint of urgency bring the listener to The Next Level.

Retro Futuristic Dark Synth Wave/Giallo Composer from Vancouver, Canada. Think John Carpenter meets Pink Floyd. Goblin meets Vangelis.


ZS 320 | Drop 320
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salawatДата: Пятница, 22.09.2017, 13:21 | Сообщение # 112
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Ogre - Calico Noir (2016)

Концептуальный альбом британского композитора Робина Эдварда Огдена, повествующий о погоне психолога-криминалиста Джерома Бишопа за неуловимым маньяком в ночном городе.

Orge is video game / film composer, chiptune / outrun / synthwave artist and electronic musician Robin Edwin Ogden. You can tell he listened to a lot of Tangerine Dream soundtracks, as he combines driving sequences and strong melodies ala 1980's TD with his synthwave influences.



01. Hardboiled (Flashback)
02. Out Of Retirement (Profiler Theme)
03. Becoming
04. Crime Scene Reconstruction I
05. Bureau and Boulevard
06. Profiler II
07. Entrapment
08. Visions On A Red Eye Flight
09. Crime Scene Reconstruction II
10. Mindset Of A Killer
11. Houndstooth (Profiler Reprise)
12. Lockup
13. Crime Scene Reconstruction III
14. Cracked
15. To Catch A Killer
16. End Credits

ZS 320 | Drop 320
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salawatДата: Понедельник, 09.10.2017, 22:45 | Сообщение # 113
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Troxum - Gaia Omen (2014)

Pittsburgh-based Troxum looks to Earth's geologic history and the galaxy's distant future for answers in his musical quest that implies something both ominous and optimistic about humanity's time in the universe. The spaceesynth sound he brings to improvised live shows and produced music is a varied mix of influences, traveling from the '70's fantasy rock of Klaus Shulze, '80s Tangerine Dream, '90s SNES games, and 21st-century dance floors.

Discogs | Bandcamp | CDBaby

https://telefuturenow.bandcamp.com/album/gaia-omen - name your price
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salawatДата: Вторник, 10.10.2017, 15:20 | Сообщение # 114
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Christopher Young - Hellraiser (30th Anniversary Edition) (2017)

Спустя 30 лет, Lakeshore Records создали основательный ремастеринг оригинального саундтрека "Восставших из Ада". Всё действие происходило под чутким руководством Кристофера Янга. Спустя 30 лет, раны уже затянулсь, а саундтрек для путешествия по bdsm-преисподней стал сочнее.

Lakeshore Records will be releasing the 30th Anniversary Hellraiser score just before Halloween on 10/6. Christopher Young‘s long out of print score has been remixed and remastered from the Original 24 Track, 2 Inch Analog Master Session Tapes. The Single LP Gatefold Release also includes digitally restored original artwork and photography from the film’s archives. Furthermore, the 4-color printed disc sleeve features the long lost original theatrical sales sheet.



01. Hellraiser (1:42)
02. Resurrection (2:34)
03. Hellbound Heart (5:03)
04. The Lament Configuration (3:33)
05. Reunion (3:14)
06. A Quick Death (1:19)
07. Seduction and Pursuit (3:03)
08. In Love's Name (3:01)
09. The Cenobites (4:15)
10. The Rat Slice Quartet (3:23)
11. Re-Resurrection (2:36)
12. Uncle Frank (3:02)
13. Brought on by Night (2:36)
14. Another Puzzle (4:12)

Drop 320 | ZS 320
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Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - Stranger Things Season 2 OST Deluxe edition (2CDs) (2017) mp3 @ 320


01. Walkin in Hawkins (2:36)
02. Home (1:50)
03. Eulogy (3:40)
04. On the Bus (2:04)
05. Presumptuous (1:34)
06. Eight Fifteen (1:25)
07. The First Lie (1:14)
08. Scars (1:43)
09. I Can Save Them (1:54)
10. Descent into the Rift (1:26)
11. Chicago (2:54)
12. Looking for a Way Out (1:37)
13. Birth / Rescue (3:21)
14. In the Woods (0:54)
15. Digging (1:06)
16. Symptoms (3:39)
17. Eggo in the Snow (1:01)
18. Soldiers (2:10)
19. Choices (2:01)
20. Never Tell (1:53)
21. She Wants Me to Find Her (2:27)
22. Shouldn't Have Lied (2:56)
23. It's a Trap (2:57)
24. Crib (2:27)
25. The Return (3:21)
26. Escape (1:42)
27. We Go out Tonight (2:15)
28. Connect the Dots (1:20)
29. The Hub (3:55)
30. On Edge (1:17)
31. What Else Did You See? (1:23)
32. Run (1:20)
33. Levitation (2:08)
34. To Be Continued (2:08)


01. Turn On the Lights (1:44)
02. Sick of Cow (4:03)
03. Power Maintenance (1:31)
04. Roars From the Lab (2:33)
05. Mercy (4:04)
06. Shadow In the Tunnel (4:20)
07. A Familiar Shape (6:50)
08. Tree Slime (1:10)
09. Do You Accept the Risk? (0:26)
10. Entering the Cellar (2:05)
11. The Spy (4:49)
12. Controlled Contamination (1:45)
13. Turn Right & Run (7:12)
14. They Hurt Me (5:03)
15. Possessed (3:11)

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Videodrones - Nattens Hævn (2017)

2nd album from Danish synth-improv duo Videodrones, dives deeper their brand of throbbing synth themes from the goriest movies that never was.

"It’s easy to hear the starting point of Videodrones: From italian composers such as Fabio Frizzi, Marcello Giombini, Riz Ortolani - or even Morricone & Alessandroni at their most industrial. But Videodrones adds a touch of previously unheard madness to their Giallo-themed synth-gasms. Based largely on improvisation, Videodrones tosses and turns - it’s like the thing is ALIVE: leaving slimy trail of electronic musical styles in their wake: there’s toxic levels of italio disco, german kosmiche musik, new age, even some stabs at holy grails of 70’s and 80’s pop.

The record culminates in a Synth-proto-doom track - Nattens Hævn (Revenge of the Night): too weird to live, yet too rare to die. Videodrones improvisations are far from boring: chopped into smaller bits the album is of a suite-like nature - keeping the odd, jagged energy of improvisation, every part adds to a whole, larger narrative. The result is a suite-like walkthru, often changing pace, dropping notes or drifting in scale. The images Videodrones convey is collectedly strangely solemn - almost uplifting at times, in their maddening state of constant synth flux."- https://boomkat.com/products/nattens-haevn


1. The Jugular Gate 02:18
2. Maniac City 03:26
3. Institute 00:50
4. Dream Within a Dream 03:40
5. Hero 02:13
6. A Column 01:25
7. Mørkets Rædsler 02:05
8. Night Dome 02:23
9. Gate 2 02:51
10. A Blade in Your Mind 03:46
11. Domains 03:40
12. Shape Shifter 03:42
13. Nattens Hævn 3:30

Total time - 00:35:55

ZS 320 | Drop 320
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salawatДата: Воскресенье, 22.10.2017, 21:25 | Сообщение # 117
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John Carpenter - Anthology Movie Themes 1974-1998 (2017)

As the director and composer behind dozens of classic movies, John Carpenter has established a reputation as one of the greatest filmmakers in the history of modern cinema, as well as one of its most influential musicians. The minimal, synthesizer-driven themes to films like Halloween, Escape From New York, and Assault on Precinct 13 are as indelible as their images, and their timelessness was evident as Carpenter performed them live in a string of internationally sold-out concert dates in 2016.
Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998 collects 13 classic themes from Carpenter’s illustrious career together on one volume for the first time. Each theme has been newly recorded with the same collaborators that Carpenter worked with…

…on his hit Lost Themes studio albums: his son, Cody Carpenter, and godson, Daniel Davies. Anthology is a near-comprehensive survey of John Carpenter’s greatest themes, from his very first movie, the no-budget sci-fi film Dark Star, to 1998’s supernatural Western, Vampires. Those sit alongside the driving, Led Zeppelin-influenced Assault on Precinct 13 theme, Halloween’s iconic 5/4 piano riff, and the eerie synth work of The Fog. Carpenter and his band also cover Ennio Morricone’s bleak, minimalist theme for The Thing. (“I asked Morricone to please compose something with a very few notes,” Carpenter says. “And brilliantly, he did.”)
Also get vital new recordings of the themes to ’80s classics and fan favorites Big Trouble in Little China, Escape From New York, Christine, and They Live, along with the romantic Starman, which earned Jeff Bridges his first Oscar nomination as a lead actor. The collection is rounded out by the menacing, heavy themes to Prince of Darkness and In the Mouth of Madness, the latter a Metallica-inspired riff originally played for the film by Kinks guitarist Dave Davies, and now played by his son Daniel.



1. In the Mouth of Madness
2. Assault on Precinct 13
3. The Fog
4. Prince of Darkness
5. Santiago (Vampires)
6. Escape From New York
7. Halloween
8. Porkchop Express (Big Trouble in Little China)
9. They Live
10. The Thing
11. Starman
12. Dark Star
13. Christine

ZS 320 | Drop 320
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salawatДата: Воскресенье, 22.10.2017, 22:48 | Сообщение # 118
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Sébastien Tellier - A Girl Is a Gun - Music from the Original Series (2017)

Sebastien Tellier and Mathieu Tonetti have a long story together. They befriended in their teenage years, spent loads of time together watching films like “Starship Troopers”, listening to music and creating. One was a musician, the other was a film maker. Tonetti shot Tellier’s first video for “Universe” from Tellier’s first album “L’incroyable vérité” (2001).
“A Girl Is a Gun” is Tonetti’s first long feature, actually a series of 10 minutes episodes to air on BlackPills Oct. 16th. It was very natural for him to ask Tellier to score the series, as he knew he would understand what was needed for his erotic-feminist series starring the one and only Denise Richards, of… “Starship Troopers” fame!

In his unique style, Tellier created a 80s-inspired score made of synth and guitars. He sang on “Lovely Blonde”, and used some sounds from the series in his creation. The recordings were made with the precious help of an expert of the genre, Tahiti Boy a.k.a David Sztanke.
The “A Girl Is a Gun” album is more than a score, it reminds the listener of some classic film-inspired albums such as Air’s “The Virgin Suicides” or Tangerine Dream's’ “Thief”.



01 – Powered Girls
02 – Wings
03 – Chrysalis
04 – Lovely Blonde
05 – Shooters
06 – Cake News
07 – Tactical Girls
08 – She’s a Lie
09 – Drunk on the Radio
10 – A Gun on Your Head
11 – Penestra

ZS 320 | Drop 320
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salawatДата: Суббота, 04.11.2017, 19:15 | Сообщение # 119
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Triobelisk, a mysterious entity from the outer-reaches of another dimension where modern electro is introduced to early synth pioneers Klaus Schulze and France's Didier Mourani. Multi-layered analog synths with harder modern rhythms creating a sound that harkens back as much as it looks forward.

http://triobelisk.com/ / https://triobelisk.bandcamp.com/music - name your price
salawatДата: Четверг, 09.11.2017, 15:11 | Сообщение # 120
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The Red Planet Orchestra - DNA (2017)

This new release from the Red Planet Orchestra available here for the first time is the full score soundtrack for a previously unreleased horror thriller, the music composed by the Red Planet Orchestra has been much sought after by collectors in the past, this album also includes music composed for the film but not included in the final cut.

Instrumental and atmospheric music soundtrack to life.

Bandcamp | Facebook


1. DNA Theme 04:45
2. Searching 02:12
3. Sanctum 01:18
4. The Room 07:02
5. Kudos 04:36
6. Friends Forever 02:38
7. Radio Symphony 20:10
8. Trust Is An Uneasy Feeling 04:19
9. Till Death Do Us Part 01:00
10. Play To Dance 03:06
11. Home 01:40
12. Erica’s Theme 02:12
13. Tension 04:09
14. Lost Is Forever 03:52
15. Autumn Sun 02:12
16. Pathogen End Theme 07:13
17. Lost Memories Demo 02:51

ZS 320 | Drop 320
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